The big picture and drill down to your IT-landscape.

What is Txture? Txture is a highly scalable web application that helps you visualize, manage, analyze and plan your IT-landscapes.
It connects both ends of the IT-spectrum, from Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) to IT-Infrastructure Management and DevOps.
Txture distinguishes itself from other tools via beautiful navigable visualization , automated data import , and its unique planning capabilities.
Whether you are an IT-heavy SMB or a global company, Txture scales with you!

Txture For DevOps

Gain insight on where your software components are deployed and what implications your component has on other elements in the IT-landscape.

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Txture For Operations Management

Analyze and visualize the transitive dependencies between the hardware, the virtualization, software and services, to optimize and quickly react to incidents and plan changes.

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Txture For IT-Management

Get an overview of your application and technology portfolio and plan changes with Txture's scenario planning feature.

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Our Customers & Partners


Adaptable Metamodel

Adapt the underlying data model to the actual information demand of your organization.

Beautiful Visualizations

We put special attention on making it easy in Txture to create beautiful, up-to-date, navigable and comprehensible visualizations.

Automated Import

Select form our extensive list of plugins to import from external sources like Chef, VMWare, OpenStack, SQL Databases, CSV or REST.

Extreme Scalability

Txture and its visualizations scale well with 100.000+ infrastructure elements.

Easy Sharing of Visualizations

Each custom visualization has its own URL that you can share with your colleauges.

Single-sign On

Integrate Txture with your security infrastructure like LDAP or Active Directory.


In all our projects we work closely together with our customers to adapt Txture to their specific key architectural questions and organizational context.

Discover Key Questions

With years of experience we help our customers to find the right architectural questions to ask.

Custom Development

We develop custom visualizations and data import plugins for our customers.


We help with the continous deployment of Txture.


We maintain a close relationship to our customers and respond quickly to any requests.

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