Use Case:
Automated IT-Landscape Documentation

Txture for IT-Management

Customer: City of Bern

For the data center of the swiss capital Bern, we implemented a mainly automated approach to their IT-landscape documentation. Based on several interviews with key stakeholders we created a meta-model that is capable of answering the unique questions of the data center stakeholders and implemented import mechanisms for VMWare and CSV files to continously import from existing data sources.


  • Custom meta-model with elements from the service layer down to physical hardware and storage.
  • VMWare and CSV integration.

Use Case:
Visualization of CMDB Dependencies

Txture for Operations Management

Research Partner: Infineon

Many organizations already have databases in place that document their systems. They reach from simple self-built applications to large commercial Configuration Management Databases (CMDB). In most cases, the visualization capabilities of these tools are very limited. Together with our research partner Infineon we integrated their existing CMDB into Txture to enable their team to use Txture's scalable visualizations to analyze transitive dependencies and to run quality of service analyses based on attributes like the Operational-level Agreement (OLA).


  • Infineon-specific meta-model.
  • Continuous CMDB import.
  • Scalable graph-visualizations.
  • Scalability up to 100.000+ elements.

Use Case:
Lean Application Deployment Documentation

Txture for DevOps

Customer ARZ

For the Austrian banking data center ARZ (Allgemeines Rechnenzentrum), we developed the first version of Txture. It visualizes their complete stack from storage systems and physical hardware up to the provided application services. Currently we are in the phase of automating the data import from Chef and OpenStack.


  • ARZ-specific meta-model.
  • Documentation of application deployment.
  • Currently implementing OpenStack and Chef integration.