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Generating Automatic Cloud Solution Alternatives

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Alternative Solutions

Besides the extensive cloud product catalog Cloud Insider is valued for its project management capabilities to craft cloud application solutions or provide clients with larger cloud bills of materials e.g. in the process of answering RFPs.

A new feature that we have added will boost efficiency in situations where you need to present multiple solution alternatives for the same project case. This is needed oftentimes to get necessary design discussions going and to select the best fitting cloud solution eventually.

Automatic Cloud Solution AlternativesAutomatic Cloud Solution Alternatives

Cloud Insider now offers an automatic way to generate alternative solutions based on an initially created solution bill of materials. You can generate solution alternatives by optionally deciding for

  • a different cloud data center location (e.g. London instead of Frankfurt),
  • another cloud provider (e.g. GCP next to Azure)
  • or pricing option (e.g. spot instances versus 1 year reserved ones).

Simply leverage this new functionality by going into the detail view of a project, creating or choosing an existing solution and using the "Generate alternative solution" action button in the solution details view. You will then be asked for your alternative parameters and voilà, an alternative solution is generated, based on the original bill of materials.

Extended Cloud Service Details For Better Service Selection

Recently we have added feature tables for a variety of cloud service types. This newly added content greatly enhances the ability to compare across similar cloud services of different cloud service providers and eventually pick the right cloud services for your purpose.

permission management

We are expanding on those feature tables continuously and in case you miss something important, we are happy to add. For this, and everything else, just use "Give Feedback" in Cloud Insider to drop our Cloud Knowledge Engineers a note.

Are your fingers tingling? That’s the urge to try out the new feature!

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Simone Götz
Simone Götz
Simone works as Digital Marketing Specialist at Txture. She found her passion for topics around digitalization in connection with organizational development and loves to drive online community engagement around cloud insights.