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Use Cases

Impact Analyses

Understanding the impact of IT change or failures in large hybrid cloud IT landscapes is a difficult task. With Txture you can integrate all your data silos such as your CMDB, DCIM tool, application portfolio and cloud APIs into one connected impact analyses data hub. This way application owners and IT infrastructure managers can analyse the real impact of change and assess the risk of potential failures.

Root cause analyses

The speed of incident resolution is a critical factor in keeping your SLAs. With the holistic integration of monitoring tools and the up-to-date model of your hybrid cloud IT landscape, your service desk can quickly pinpoint the root cause of failures on the application level. This saves you time and money in addition to increasing your service quality.

SLA Fulfilment Analyses

Txture integrates with all your internal and external IT data sources. This full historical visibility on your hybrid cloud IT landscape allows to perform sophisticated analyses on the performance and the SLA fulfilment of your systems and ultimately increase the quality of your service while decreasing your costs.

Strategic IT Management

Use Cases

IT Landscape Management

IT information in large organizations is often dispersed in many different data silos. This makes it difficult to get an overarching picture of your IT in order to optimize, plan, and make strategic decisions.
Txture integrates your global hybrid cloud IT information silos, from container management tools, over virtualization platforms to your CMDB, into one holistic decision making and optimization hub. With Txture you can easily analyse your IT and make decisions with confidence again.

Application & Technology Portfolio Analyses

To accurately plan your roadmap to the digital transformations and optimize for cost and quality, you need an up-to-date overview of your application and technology landscape. Txture helps you to understand where redundancies in application capabilities lie, which technologies are in use, and where potentials for optimization are.

Information Architecture Management

Data is the gold of the 21st century. Txture helps you to understand where your data is stored, who uses it, and who is responsible. Through Txture you gain insights into the possibilities of new business models with your data. Even more, you will be able to address key regulatory requirements like the upcoming EU-GDPR.

Digitalization & Transformation

Use Cases

Cloud Transformation

Application assessment is the most crucial step in any cloud transformation. Txture automatically assesses all your applications, calculates your TCO for different cloud providers and ranks each application based on their business, security, compliance and technical fit for the cloud. From here you can centrally model the target mode of operation for each application.

Transformation Planning

For large IT transformations like cloud migrations, data center outsourcing or shifts towards industry 4.0 and IoT, it is crucial to plan alternative transformation execution scenarios. With Txture you can develop transformation scenarios and compare them with each other in terms of cost, timeliness, and quality to make rational decisions based on real data.

Data Center Migration

Data center migrations are large and complex projects in which all steps need to be precisely planned and executed. Txture is the solution for the full migration lifecycle. First you can analyse the current data center infrastructure, then you plan the migration and finally monitor the actual migration with Txture. During all these steps Txture is also the crucial communication platform between all involved stakeholders to ensure everyone is aligned.

Privacy & Compliance Management

Use Cases

EU GDPR Compliance Management

The EU-GDPR is coming closer and will come into effect in May 2018. The steeply increased fines and the new compliance requirements make it necessary to document the location of personal identifiable information and its data flows much more precisely. Txture assists the whole organization in being compliant by providing a central analyses repository regarding the personal identifiable data that your organization keeps.

IT Forensics

In regulated environments like the banking industry more and more regulations are enforced that relate to the interaction between business processes, data flows and the IT systems that execute them. Txture is the data hub for compliance managers and consultants to analyse data flows and ensure compliance based on accurate real time data.


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