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Your client’s IT landscapes are complex and diverse. As a consultant, your job is to quickly analyse your client’s business and IT landscape to provide high quality consulting deliverables in an efficient and profitable way.

Benefits with txture

Txture allows you to quickly tab into existing data silos and create a holistic view of your client's IT landscape. Based on this, you can use Txture’s sophisticated query and reporting features to analyse the IT and provide quick value.


IT Due Diligence in M & A

For IT due diligence projects in M & A cases it is essential to quickly gather all relevant IT information to assess potential risks and estimate the necessary transformation projects. Txture quickly integrates with all relevant data sources in an organization, like CMDBs, EAM and monitoring tools to rapidly get a full overview of the target’s IT landscape. This gives you reliable data support for making big decisions or giving transformation advise.


IT Landscape Analyses

IT information in large organizations is often dispersed in many different data silos. This makes it difficult for consultants to get a quick overarching picture of your client's IT in order to produce high quality consulting deliverables.
Txture quickly integrates with your client's hybrid cloud IT information silos, from container management tools, over virtualization platforms to CMDBs, into one holistic decision making and analyses hub.
With this powerful tool at hand you can give advice on reducing complexity, planning of transformations or cost savings.


IT Forensics

It is often hard work to get a deep understanding of your client's IT landscape in order to give compliance recommendations. Txture integrates all necessary data sources and allows you to add the knowledge gaps through surveys. This way you can quickly answer the pressing questions for your clients.


Transformation Planning

Your clients will face many daunting transformations in the future, triggered by IoT, digitalization and Industry 4.0 projects. With Txture you have the complete overview of your client's IT at you fingertips and can visually plan transformation scenarios. You can then advise your clients to choose the best alternative, based on quality, cost and timeliness metrics.


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