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The upcoming EU-GDPR in May 2018 demands strong documentation of the location, processing and transfer of Personal Identifiable Information (PII). The non-compliance fines make it even more important to be prepared for the upcoming audits. However, the required information is often really hard to collect and not centrally stored.

Benefits with txture

Txture’s data privacy module sits on top of the Core module that lets you integrate with any existing IT information silos such as CMDBs, Enterprise Architecture Management tools or spreadsheets. This way you already have the basic documentation of the IT landscape at your hands. On top of this, you can document the necessary information on data location, usage and transfer. With all this information at your fingertips you are able to quickly respond to data breaches.


Document storage location and data flow of PII

Txture assists the whole organization in being compliant by providing a central analyses repository regarding the personal identifiable data that your organization stores. It also integrates with your EAM tools or CMDB, allowing you to additionally document where data is flowing.


Analyse Access Rights to PII

Part of the audit requirements of the EU-GDPR is the documentation of who has access to PII. Thanks to Txture's powerful query mechanism you can quickly answer these types of questions and anticipate audits with peace of mind.


Respond quickly to data breaches

As Txture integrates with your full IT landscape like your monitoring tools or CMDB, you can easily discover the transitive dependencies of systems, data flows and stored data. That is why Txture helps you to quickly identify the impact of data breaches and respond accordingly.


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