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Assessing your application landscape for cloud readiness, migration risk, and cloud value

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Many organizations choose to move to the cloud in order to modernize their IT landscape, become more agile and reduce costs. They have already created their cloud strategy and selected their preferred cloud vendors. But then the actual execution of the cloud strategy starts, which poses huge organizational and technical challenges.


The main problem arises from the complexity of the application landscape and the amount of technical, security, business and compliance requirements. Which applications are cloud ready? Which applications are too risky to move to the public cloud and which should be modernized on-prem? Do the cloud providers offer the necessary certifications to run our workloads?

These are just a few of the challenges that are addressed by Txture Cloud Transformation.


Txture Cloud Transformation provides an automated and standardized process for assessing large-scale application landscapes for cloud readiness, migration risk and the cloud value of each application. With our platform, you can take the guesswork out of application assessment, calculate migration effort and rely on Txture’s assessment ruleset to highlight potential migration problems and find the right strategy based on the 6Rs of cloud migration.
Rapid insights into workloads
Speed up cloud migration
Enable team to follow a structured process

Solution Features

Calculate Cloud Readiness

Txture analyses the cloud readiness of your applications based on configurable rules concerning business, security, compliance and technical aspects. This enables you to make the right cloud migration decisions. Also it recommends migration timing, migration strategies (6Rs) and strategic cloud providers.

calculate cloud readiness

Calculate Cloud Risk and Benefit

Based on the results of the cloud readiness analysis Txture also assesses cloud risk and company benefit of migrating each application to the cloud. Identify easy targets for better prioritization for your cloud migration roadmap.

calculate cloud risk and benefit

Assess Application Data Completeness

Txture calculates the completeness of your collected data so you can make your cloud migration decisions based on the best available information.

assess application data completeness

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